DIY PC-Guide to making a PC

With the advancement of modern PC motherboard and modular components, it is very simple and possble for any enthusiast to build a personal computer from scratch.

Nowadays, it is very common for new or seasoned PC users to assemble their own personal computers. DIY PC is a growing trend which is set to continue. DIY PC gives you the luxury of combining various hardware components without restrictions from branded manufacturers.

The DIY PC approach has proved advantageous to DIY PC builders. Building your own PC is simple, yet it permits flexibility when it comes to choosing components to use in your PC, such as the PC processor speed and hard disk storage capacity. Building your own PC also allows you to save up to 40-50% compared to the standard fare which you pay to buy a branded PC.

Today it is possible to get a PC under 500 SGD. This amount can buy you a personal computer with basic word processing and basic multimedia capabilities. When you build your own personal computer, you can choose the best of the categories in term of processors, memory capacity, hard disk size, CD-ROM, DVD players and burners, as well as monitors, instead of taking a package offered by personal computer vendors.

In some cases, PC buyers of branded products are asked to take up "complimentary" printers, modem or accessories packaged with and tied to the PC purchase price. Our goal is to free you from PC packages, and let you experience the joy of building your own personal computers, to your own specifications, and your own satisfaction.

Click here to view our guide to easily building your very own PC from scratch within a few hours.

  DIY PC-Guide to making a PC