Choosing The PC Components

There are just so many different components to choose from.  What determines the "best bang of your buck" is dependent on various factors.  They include,


Not all parts are compatible with one and other.  It is important to ensure that all the components that you choose are compatible with each other.  For example an Intel 865 motherboard should be paired up with a mPGA socket 478 processor chip and DDR400 ram modules.  An intel 915P chipset motherboard should be paired up with a LGA socket 775 processor and DDR-2 ram modules.  Do some research on the internet before purchasing the products or else it will be troublesome to get back to the shopkeeper and request for a change in product.


To most DIY-PC users, the price affects the components you get, therefore it is important to get the best components that provides both affordability and compatibility.  Ask yourself, does the same price you pay allows you to get another brand that runs even faster than the current one?  Doing hardware shopping in Sim Lim Square requires to compare prices from as many shops as possible to get the best buy.


Available support is the primary concern for most DIY users.  It is not possible to bring the computer to your manufacturer for a repair because all the components come from different manufacturers!  It is often a headache for most users because they do not know where to go if their particular hardware breaks down.  However support doesn't guarantee one to have a problem-free experience with their PC.  However there is an increasing number technical geeks joining the hardware forum community which answers all your questions.  Some examples of local hardware forums are hardwarezone and vr-zone both provide useful knowledge on DIY-PCs.


Most components that you buy from Sim Lim Square comes with one year warranty.  However some distributors do provide up to three years warranty.  RAM modules are often covered by lifetime warranty.  Thus there is little to worry about as your faulty parts can be easily exchanged or repaired by the vendors or distributors.  You can choose to go directly to the distributors for your warranty service and get back your product through a RMA process (Return Merchandise Authorisation)