Connecting the front panel connectors

The front panel connectors are mainly,

  • harddisk activity connector
  • power switch connector
  • reset switch connector
  • power LED connector
  • speakers connector
  • USB connector                                  

Harddisk activity connector

This normally comes red in colour and is labeled as HDD-LED

Power switch connector

This comes green in colour and is labeled as POWER-SW

Reset switch connector

This usually comes grey in colour and is labeled as RST-SW

Power LED connector

This is usually green in colour and is labled as PWR-LED

Speakers connector

This speaker will give different beep sounds during boot to tell the user if there is any errors. It occupies 4 pins, however only 2 is important for the function.  Be sure to connect the red coloured cable to the positive polarity and the black to the negative.

Front panel connectors pins on the motherboard

Front panel connectors from the casing

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