Keeping Notebook in Great Shape

Learn how to keep your notebook in good shape

Everbody wants to have their notebook work well at all times, hence there is a need to keep your notebook in great shape. The following steps will help to ensure that your notebook lasts longer and less maintenance.

  • Keep liquids away from your notebook as you might accidentally spilled over and damged the internal hardware.
  • Do not eat over your notebook as crumbs may drop between the keys on the keyboard,thus inviting bugs and irritate circuitry.
  • Make sure your hands are clean when you are using your notebook to reduce risk of leaving dirt and stains on it.
  • Protect your screen by making sure that there are no small item on your keyboard when you shut your notebook.
  • Hold and lift the notebook by its base and not the LCD screen as it might damge the display or the hinges attached to its base.
  • Do not pull the power cord as it might break off the plug and damage the power socket.
  • Be careful not to roll your chair over the power cord. Stick the cord with tape or cord tie on the table.
  • Plug in accessories to their proper slots and look at the symbols at the laptop carefully before inserting it.
  • Handle all removable drives with care.
  • Insert drives into their slots at the correct angle and to prevent jamming it.
  • Check the labels on CDs or DVDs are securely affixed before inserting to your notebook.
  • Never insert under-sized CDs into your notebook as it will damage it permanently.
  • Ask a computer professional to clean your notebook once a year to remove internal dust. If dust accumulates, the system will not ablle to cool itself correctly, hen destroying the motherboard.
  • Use a properly size bag or case to contain your notebook to avoid scratching or dropping it.